Plugins for CMS integration

Forwarding payments

Plugins for CMS integration

Our plugins is a simple and easy-to-install solution to accept crypto payments on your website on the basis of seamless CMS integration with our service. You can start your business with the Apirone gateway from anywhere in the world. Also, you do not have to be an expert in blockchain or dig into our API documentation. The only thing you should do is follow the step-by-step guidance or watch our tutorials on how to install and activate the plugins.

According to this guidance, you just fill in fields with your crypto address (or addresses, if you are going to work with several cryptocurrencies) to which you are going to accept payments from your customers. All the following integration is conducted automatically, and afterward, you have a ready-to-use solution for payments. It has a user-friendly interface that can help:

  • create invoices for customers,
  • see all the information about payments,
  • trace transactions in the blockchain.
These features are enough for complete work with crypto payments on your website.

All our plugins provide payments with all currencies we support now. In case any other cryptocurrency appears in our system, it will be added to your plugin naturally, you need to add the corresponding address of yours into the admin area.

Before real interactions with your customers, we recommend checking the payment process testnet coins (it is free). If everything is OK at this stage, you are ready to accept Bitcoin and/or altcoins from your customers. If not, contact the Apirone support team, and we will be glad to help you 24/7.

We provide white-label processing. There are no logos, cut-ins, external pages, or branded buttons in our plugins. Change, modify, or apply your design as you wish. Each plugin is an open-source code. All logos and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The CMS integration with the Apirone gateway is based on so-called payment forwarding. This solution provides the transfer of coins from a customer to a merchant via the crypto payment processor seamlessly and fast. It also helps protect payments due to the Apirone service arrangement of isolated wallets. It means the funds a merchant gets from their customers we separate from other users of our service, and allow processing in a personal merchant's wallet, not mixed with others. This design makes your cryptocurrency interactions safe and secure.

Apirone is not going to stop with what has already been achieved. If you do not see a platform among our plugins that you would like to integrate with, it is just a temporary absence. We are going to launch solutions for other famous e-commerce systems to help our users accept crypto payments and would be happy to assist in achieving prosperity for your business.