Using Bitcoin Forwarding

If you do not want to register an account, pass your ID and fill tedious KYC, but would like to accept bitcoins on site, you need to use forwarding API.

Do you have bitcoin wallet? Great! Just copy and past your address and start accepting bitcoins via integrations.

You can find here popular CMS e-commerce plugins, code libraries, and examples.
Each integration is an open source code with minimal design. Change it or apply any CSS styles as you wish.

How does it works?

  1. The Buyer prepared the order and click to pay via bitcoins.
  2. The Store sends bitcoin address and site callback URL to Apirone API Server. The Store receives new bitcoin address, QR code and converted the amount to BTC for payment.
  3. Buyer scan QR code and pay for the order. This transaction goes to the blockchain.
  4. Our Server immediately got it and send a callback to supplied Store URL. Now it's first callback about the unconfirmed transaction. It's too early to pass order from Store to Buyer. We just notify that payment initiated. Waiting for payment confirmation on the network. Usually, it will take about ten minutes.
  5. Got it. After 1 confirmation our Server forward confirmed bitcoins to Store's destination address and do the second callback. Now the Buyer gets the desired order.
    Store finished order and ready for next customers.

Key features:

  • Payments forward directly into your bitcoin wallet (we do not hold or block your money)

  • No KYC/documentation necessary

  • Fixed Fee 0.0002 BTC (flat rate for any amount forever, no fee for amounts less than 100,000 Satoshi)

  • White label seamless processing (your online shop accept payments directly without redirects, iframes, payment advertisements, etc.)

  • Around the world (without country restrictions)

  • Callback to TOR network (for cypherpunks)

  • Unlimited count of your requests (generate thousands of bitcoin addresses for thousands of your customers)

CMS Plugins

Simple Board

Example of Forwarding V1

Supporters page

Example of Saving wallet

All payments in cryptocurrency only. No fiat money exchange or withdrawal to bank. Shop owner gets bitcoins only. You can read more at documentation.

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