About us

“Apirone” is the simplest and one of the most convenient services of processing, receiving and sending payments in bitcoins for online stores, crowdfunding platforms, ICO, currency exchange projects and sales outlets.

We see the bitcoin's big potential in the more secure and profitable cross-border transfers. We believe that in the very near future acquiring of the cryptocurrency will become the same habitual payment method as payment systems like Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

The blockchain technology gives us new opportunities to attract funds, distribute electronic and physical assets, and create an innovative Internet industry of things and smart contracts. Using the blockchain technology, we effect payments and transfers all over the world. There are no more limits on amounts, no restrictions on countries or continents.

We have our own payment processing platform as the security foundation and the guarantee of the reliability of your financial transactions.

We have created tools for crypto forwarding and API applications for receiving payments. We continue creating new tools for the online business, integrating them into retail and the banking service and developing personal mobile wallets with instant payments.

We are continuously making our service better, so if you have any requests for how to improve its quality or convenience, you can always send them to our support desk support@apirone.com.

We would like to be better for you!

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