Apirone was born from the initiative of crypto-enthusiasts, programmers and designers, who dream of enhancing bitcoin and seek simplicity so as to encourage widespread use. The road is long, sometimes winding and full of obstacles, but we are moving at a steady pace in the right direction. Here is our roadmap, welcome on board!

  • September 2017

    Proof of Concept
    HR and team building
    Servers and RESTful API architecture
    Brand book
  • December 2017

    SegWit supporting
    Satellite service
  • Q1 2018

    WordPress Plugin
    Backend for Blockchain Explorer
  • Q2 2018

    Index database of the blockchain
    Explorer frontend based on Angular
    RESTful API V2
    Split Forwarding API V2
    Blockchain API
  • Q3 2018

    Wallet API
    Merchant wallet improvement
    Bitcoin address notification API
    External page and iframe to pay
    Landing pay
    Send invoice function
    Add third-part service to buy cryptocurrency by card
  • Q4 2018

    Integration into trade platforms.
    Apirone is the Bitcoin Processing Provider. We will integrate our wallets and API into liquidity suppliers to immediately exchange crypto into fiat and vice versa. A user can choose exact trade platform by self.

    As a Bitcoin scaling solution, we will deploy Lightning Network node.