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Easy to use

Apirone focuses on developing various ways of bitcoin processing, tools and services for merchants all over the world. No need to worry about getting a merchant application accepted or going through any tedious signup processes.


Apirone does business with hundreds of customers around the world without any restrictions.

Unlimited requests

No time or addresses limits for query requests to generate bitcoin addresses or get payment details. Do you have millions of customers? Great! Go ahead and start accepting bitcoins today.

White label processing

No logos, includes, external pages or, branded buttons. Use API like it's your own stable service.

The trustworthy bitcoin payment processor on the web.

Unlimited payments

Generate as many new bitcoin addresses as you wish. Customers can save them and use again. These addresses are linked to previously specified URL.


No need to worry about getting a merchant application declined or going through any tedious signup processes.

Bitcoin Digital Coin

Safe and Secure

Our RESTful API uses SSL as a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between an API server and a client.

TOR callback

In addition to the Internet, we also make a callback to the TOR network.

How does it work?

Accepting payments with bitcoin forwarding.

Bitcoin address generation

Online shop sends its own bitcoin wallet address and a callback URL in a simple API GET request. We generate a bitcoin address and return it back.

The shop provides the Customer with the payment address

The online shop gives the customer this address and optional QR code for payment.

Waiting for payment from the Customer

Apirone server is monitoring generated address and is waiting for the transaction to this address.

Payment complete

We do a callback to specified URL and forward bitcoins to you when the payment is confirmed. The shop completes the order.

Using the bitcoin forwarding API

The main task in bitcoin processing is generating and monitoring the unique address for each new user or invoice.
Once payment is received and confirmed, our server forwards bitcoins to merchant's bitcoin wallet, cold storage or directly to your exchange account.

Processing fee is 0.0002 BTC only

Apirone takes fixed 0.0002 BTC fee from incoming amounts more than 100000 Satoshi. We do not take our fee if the amount is less than 100000 Satoshi.

Bitcoin address lifetime

You can use this interface for every single payment. You can also generate an address to each customer to top up account balance at your site. Generated addresses have an infinite lifetime of our service. And we will do callbacks every time when we see a new transaction on the network.

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Want to support or just want to say "Hi"? It's all good, we'd love to connect with you.
Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions.