File Sharing

Forward and split cryptocurrency to wallets.

File Sharing

Splitting a payment by example of

Task: there is a bitcoin address of a seller and a bitcoin address for a 5% service fee. It is required to receive a payment, split it, and send instantly to two addresses, the seller and the service.


On the payment page the customer enters their e-mail to receive the file letter.

A forwarding wallet is created for every payment indicating receivers

You can create as many wallets as you need, for every task or payment. A wallet is a container of addresses. In this case we need to create just one address. It will be attached to one file and given payment. If a customer closes the page, reopens it, and enters their email, website takes this address from its database, and displays it for payment.


QR Code

For convenience display QR code on the payment page.

A customer can make a payment instantly or some time later, for example, in several days. Our processing system always keeps, monitors, and does not delete addresses. After payment Apirone processing system performs a callback function transferring saved data and transaction information.

Generate QR code

Callback processing

An example of a callback processing: Receiving callbacks.

The first callback is with zero network confirmation, so it is too early to give the file to the customer. As soon as miners add the transaction to the block, the number of confirmations will grow: 0, 1, 2, 3…until the answer *ok*

Receiving callbacks

We recommend completing the order and giving the file to the customer after the third network confirmation.

Uses cryptocurrency payment gateways

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