Wallet settings

With the wallet settings, you can change the callback data of the wallet and set destinations for forwarding.

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Token for access. Taken from the authorization request for the wallet. (learn more). Required
Wallet Identifier. Required
Callback data. Optional
array of objects
The cryptocurrency addresses of the store to which the payment will be forwarded.
Each {destinations} element contains the following values.
address - recipient's address
amount - payment amount or percentage.

If any of the {destinations} has an address but no amount, the balance after payment will go to that address. All other fields after a given address with an empty amount will be ignored.

If you want to reset the settings, just send null:


The Authorization header requires you to send a Bearer with an access token. Without the header you cannot get a successful response.

A callback is an array of URLs and user data.
{callback} contains the following data.

{callback: url} A callback URL. Required
{callback:data} Data.
An associative array consisting of key-value pairs.
{callback:method} The method of referring to the server with the callback. For example, GET, POST. Required
Request example:

curl 'https://apirone.com/api/v2/wallets/btc-c70afacf0b7d7808e8be36bfd7ceed71' -X PATCH -H 'Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJsIjoidGJ0Yy01MzNlZTljNmI0NmYzNjJhNmQ0ODg1MzgzMDc0MTFlMCIsImV4cCI6MTYxMzYyNjM3M30.KnQ2zTAuKXkdihhMYxuaR8g217rfEp5CaKyjDU0lKWM' --data-raw '{"callback":{"data":null,"method":"GET","url":"https://example.com/"},"destinations":[{"address":"35Gnk75DbehHXkshBX1QzpKdq4AJDW6KKv","amount":"100%"}]}'

Success Response Reference:

{wallet}, string Wallet Identifier. Required
{created}, string Wallet creation date.
Contains the full date, hours, minutes, seconds, decimal part of seconds: yyyy-mm-ddTh:mm:ss.s
{currency}, string Currency type: "btc", "ltc", "bch", "doge". Required
{units}, string The minimal unit used for cryptocurrency. For example, satoshi. Required
{destinations}, array of objects The cryptocurrency addresses of the store to which the payment will be forwarded. Required
{fee}, string Default fee calculation strategy. Required
Callback data Required
Response example:
      "wallet": "btc-c70afacf0b7d7808e8be36bfd7ceed71",
      "created": "2021-01-18T13:41:15.603517",
      "currency": "btc",
      "units": "satoshi",
      "destinations": [ {
        "address": "35Gnk75DbehHXkshBX1QzpKdq4AJDW6KKv",
        "amount": "100%"
      } ],
      "fee": "normal",
      "callback": {
        "data": null,
        "method": "GET",
        "url": "https://example.com/"

Error Response:

If you have errors with the token, try refreshing it with refresh-token (learn more).