# Network Fee

A network fee is included in a transaction in order to have the transaction processed by a miner and confirmed by the network.

# Fee Types (strategies)

Type Description
normal Current minimal fee rate (by default)
priority An estimate with this parameter returns a higher fee-rate for a potential faster confirmation
custom Custom fee rate. For this fee type an additional parameter should be specified fee-rate

# Fee Rate

Parameter Type Description
fee-rate integer The parameter is only used when fee is set to "custom".
For bitcoin-like blockchains units are satoshi/byte
  • HTTP Method: GET
  • URL: https://apirone.com/api/v2/networks/{currency}/fee
Parameter Type Description Required
currency string Currency type

# Request example

curl "https://apirone.com/api/v2/networks/btc/fee'

# Success response

     "strategy": "normal",
     "rate": 1
     "strategy": "priority",
     "rate": 1

# Error Response

  • HTTP Status Code: 400 500
  • Content Type: application/json