WordPress Version: 5.6 or higher
Tested up to: 6.2.2


WooCommerce is an e-commerce system designed to help merchants launch an online shop easily and quickly using WordPress CMS. The plugin expands its functions noticeably. WooCommerce can be easily "equipped" with add-ons that will bring new opportunities for managing online businesses.

The plugin uses the Apirone service as a gateway to accept cryptocurrencies. This feature will attract new customers and increase a working capital due to a new means of payment. The system does not store the client's funds, but transfers the payment directly to the specified bitcoin wallet.


Plugin Installation

  • 1

    To get started, download the plugin. Login to your WordPress Admin Area. From the menu then go to Plugins -> Add New.

  • 2

    In the search box, type "Apirone". Install the plugin "Multi CryptoCurrency Payments" by clicking the "Install Now" button. WooCommerce image 5

  • 3

    Next, click the "Activate" button. WooCommerce image 2

  • 4

    From the menu WooCommerce -> Settings go to the Payments tab. In front of the "Multi CryptoCurrency Payments" title, use the toggle button to activate payments.
    Click the "Save changes" button below. WooCommerce image 4

  • 5

    Go to the Multi CryptoCurrency Payments plugin, then paste the name of your company in the "Merchant name" field, period in seconds during which a customer shall pay in the "Payment timeout" field, and your crypto addresses in the relevant fields. WooCommerce image 3

  • 6

    Set value in the "Price adjustment factor" field. This parameter helps subtract or add percentage to the payment amount. The default value is 1, i.e.100%.

  • 7

    Set value in the "Status update period" field. THe minimum is 5 seconds.

  • 8

    Enter a valid URL for the "Back to store" link on the invoice page. If empty the home page is used.

  • 9

    Tick the checkbox to display the Apirone logo on the invoice or leave it empty if you do not want to show it. Click "Save changes". WooCommerce image 1

  • 10

    Then, to use cryptocurrencies you need, check the Use currency box. Click "Save changes". WooCommerce image 6

The plugin is ready to use!


How To Use Plugin

The idea behind the plugin is quite simple. The customer places an order and selects the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

The shop sends its crypto address and its website callback URL to the Apirone API server. The customer receives the order amount converted into cryptocurrency and a QR code to scan to pay for the goods.

The transaction goes to the blockchain. The server sends a callback to the URL provided by the shop. The shop receives the first notification.

The operation is then confirmed by the network. It usually takes about ten minutes. The system then transfers the crypto to the recipient and executes a second callback. Now the customer can receive their goods. The transaction is completed.