Apirone has released an updated OpenCart plugin to get payments in cryptocurrencies.

The plugin expands the opportunities for merchants who use OpenCart for their online stores. It allows accepting payments in cryptocurrencies supported by Apirone and uses the Apirone service as a gateway to accept cryptocurrencies. The system does not store clients’ funds but forwards the payments directly to the addresses specified by the online store owner. It is called simple forwarding. Read more about it in our documentation.

Installation process step by step

Plugin Installation

  1. To get started, download the plugin.
  2. Log in to your OpenCart Admin Area. WooCommerce image 1
  3. From the menu go to Extensions >> Installer and click the button Upload WooCommerce image 2
  4. Then go to Extensions >> Extensions. Choose the Payments type from the Extensions list. WooCommerce image 3
  5. Then add Apirone Crypto Payments by clicking the plus button. WooCommerce image 4
  6. To customize all your data click the pencil icon. WooCommerce image 5
  7. Specify your store name (the Merchant Name field) and your address or addresses to receive payments in any cryptocurrencies (fields for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin (testnet)).

    Bitcoin test-net allows you to test your system not spending the actual coins.

    If you want to use the test-net address, please enter an email in the Test currency customer field. This email shall be the one you specified as a login for your website admin area. This field is required only when the testnet is used.

    WooCommerce image 6
  8. Specify all the OpenCart parameters such as Payment timeout, Success order status, etc.
  9. Choose Status >> Enabled to activate the plugin

How it works