Incoming transactions

  • All incoming payments are totally FREE of charge for customers and merchants.

Conditions of Withdrawal

  • Regular payments

    Transfering of funds from a saving wallet. A fee is charged only in case of withdrawal.

  • Forwarding

    Forwarding means that incoming payment is immediately forwarded from a temporary address to the merchant’s external wallet after network confirmation(s).

  • Fee-free limit

    A fee-free limit means there is no service fee for transfers less than this amount.

  • Sending a transaction requires a network fee based on blockchain transaction fee prediction and on how busy networks are. The network fee is not included into the service fee.

Percentage fee

for all transfers

Fixed fees

Dust rate is a minimal amount which the blockchain accepts to transfer.

Fee-free limit
Regular / Forwarding fee
Dust rate

Use cases

Fixed fees
Percentage fee
  • For rare transfers with big amount
  • Payments less than fee-free limit are not charged
  • For frequent transfers with small amount
  • For payments in which the fee is less than the network dust we charge the dust rate