Forex, Binary options

Ideal coin payment solution for the trading and gambling industry. Accept crypto and do mass payment.

Forex, Binary options

Forex, stock exchanges, trading systems, and binary options, as well as gambling, act according to the same scenario:

  • Customers top up their account in the system with different amounts during a period of time (e.g. every day for a year);
  • Payments requests are then collected;
  • The manager checks them manually and confirms the payment.

Creating a wallet

You shall create a saving wallet to accept payments. The payments are accepted without any fees or restrictions.

So, create a saving wallet and keep your wallet_id and transfer_key safe and secure.

Create a Wallet STEP 2

Generating addresses

A wallet is a container of addresses, the amount of which is unlimited. You can create as many addresses as you need. We monitor all the wallets and notify your website with a callback when a payment is made.

Addresses are permanent, i.e. we always monitor them. An address is attached to a link indicating a customer’s identifier. The permanent payment address builds customer trust and loyalty. The customer can add an address to their address book and be sure to top up the balance in your system any time.

Instructions for creating a new address: Generate address

Then save generated addresses in your database. For convenience purposes, you can display a QR code on the payment page.

Generate Address STEP 3

Callback processing

Once we see a payment on the network, we notify about the payment by the URL-link specified. On the callback page you need to find the customer identifier in the database, compare the saved address with the received one, and complete it. It should not be forgotten that you must not top up the balance with unconfirmed transaction. Complete the payment at least after the first network confirmation, better yet after the third one.

An example of callback processing: Receiving callbacks

Recieve Callbacks STEP 4


If you need to make a payment to yourself or to your customers, collect a list of receivers, gather them into the request, and make a single transaction. In this case a fixed fee is charged only once. It is convenient and profitable (compared with charging a fee every time for every payment you make one transaction with no gathering them into a single transaction). Transfer

Also you can do it manually just logging into your wallet.


Uses cryptocurrency payment gateways

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