Gaming & Gambling

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Gaming & Gambling
warn note The gambling industry is considered high-risk. Such businesses can be hard to run using only fiat payments due to gambling laws, taxes, and government regulations.
info note Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, anonymous, and simple way to pay online, which is why it can be an ideal tool to mitigate all the above-mentioned risks.

Crypto facilitates instant and cheap transactions by bypassing the need for banks or other financial institutions. The way this works is easy enough. When a customer wants to make a purchase he/she gets an address to pay with crypto. After the transaction is confirmed you can send the item(s) to the customer.

Apirone allows you to accept crypto payments from your customers. There are several options on how to integrate our service with your business online. It can be our API, plugins for popular platforms, or a built-in widget for invoices that can be placed on your website. Any method provides easy-to-use instructions, seamless transactions, and convenient fee plans.

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