Charity & Donations

Charity & Donations

Charity and donations mean collecting all the money in one wallet. To do this, you just need a bitcoin address and a QR code posted on your website.

However if you want to keep in touch with your payers (donors), then you need to keep records of the amounts and contact details.

To do this you need to create a saving wallet on our website (

Then keep your wallet_id и transfer_key safe and secure. You need just wallet_id to accept payments.

The payment can be of any amount, one dollar or a thousand of dollars; everyone decides for themselves the amount of the donation.

You need to create a new bitcoin address for each payment (, add payer’s details and payment notification link, for example:

                            #Callback and Callback's Data are Optional fields
                            "Url": "",
                                "name": “Satoshi Nakomoto”,
                                "email": "",
                                "phone": “+81 87654321”,
                                ... #any user parameters

Where ‘url’ is a payment processing link. In this file we get notifications about payment, amount, transaction details, and payer information that we sent when creating the address. As far as these payments are donations, i.e. directed not to buy any goods or services, but for charity, with a high degree of confidence we can even confirm payment with zero confirmation of the blockchain network. A detailed description can be found here

As soon as the required amount is collected, you log into your wallet, enter transfer_key and transfer the required amount to targeted spending.