Telegram Bot & messenger

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Telegram Bot & messenger

Modern instant messengers have become very powerful: they are used to sell, buy, make transfers, or store data. Any of these processes can be done automatically via the Telegram chatbot! It is not a problem for the bot to offer a product for a particular price to a customer, place an order, accept payment to your crypto address, or even deliver the product, if it can be delivered in digital form.

By launching your own telegram bot, you can expand your sales capacity. If you have no other online platforms, the bot can be your driver to get online sales started.

The selling mechanism is quite simple:

  • The customer connects to the telegram bot;
  • A product catalog is organized in the bot;
  • The customer selects the desired product using commands;
  • Knowing the price the customer chooses the payment method; and the bot creates an invoice for payment in the required cryptocurrency, providing the customer with a QR code and an address for payment;
  • When funds are received on the seller's wallet, the bot considers the sale completed and gives the purchase details or even the product itself.

How to accept cryptocurrency in the bot: