Integrations / Crypto Forwarding Plugin for Opencart 3.x

Accept Bitcoin and altocins on your opencart

Accept Bitcoin and Litecoin on your OpenCart store

Download OpenCart plugin and accept cryptocurrencies on Your Store!
Bitcoin Opencart plugin

How It Works?

Key features

Direct payments

We transfer your payment directly into your wallet (we do not hold client money)

No KYC or Docs

You do not need to complete a KYC/Documentation to start using our plugin. No third-party accounts during the process, use your own wallet.

No limits

You can create unlimited number of requests.

White label Processing

Your online store accepts payments without redirects, iframes, advertisements, logo, etc.

Accept Bitcoins all over the world

There is no restriction on the customer’s country of residence. This plugins works well all over the world.


We support sites in the Tor network

Everyone can accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments

This Opencart plugin accept crypto from customer and forward income payments to shop owner wallet.
We support Bitcoin SegWit protocol. These transactions have priority and less Bitcoin network fee. Also, Litecoin SegWit addresses supported too.
bitcoin opencart screencast
The plugin supports item prices in BTC and fiat money converted into bitcoin.
The merchant receives cryptocurrency only.
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Compatible with Journal Themes

Installation of cryptocurrency extension

Step 1


Go to Extensions » Installer and upload

Step 2

Go to Extensions » Extensions. Choose Payments from dropdown menu.
Upload zip archive in Upload Plugin page

Step 3

Click install button (green plus) Apirone plugin. Click Edit button.

Step 4

Enter your Bitcoin and/or Litecoin address. Switch plugin Status to enable. Click save (blue button on the top right corner).


You can accept one or a couple of cryptocurrencies just fill needed fields or keep empty.

Destination Bitcoin address bitcoin logo - enter your Bitcoin address to receive payments.
Destination Litecoin address litecoin logo - enter your Litecoin address to receive payments.
Payment timeout - fixed exchange rate time in seconds. Order expire time. By default: 1800 seconds = 30 minutes.
Status - Enable/disable crypto payment plugin.
"Minimum confirmations count" is a count of Bitcoin network confirmations. Recommend 3, minimum 1 conf.


Clear OpenCart cash after plugin installation
PS: Clear cache via settings button at the top right side of dashboard page.
Step by step Bitcoin Plugin installation to OpenCart 3.x

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Take your first steps to becoming accept Bitcoins today! Get started now with free Plugin download. Simplify the lives of both sellers and customers.

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