Wallet history item

The detailed information of the history item contains full data of the operation - the list of transactions, the fees, and the list of incoming/outgoing addresses.

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{WalletID}, string Wallet Identificator. Required
Identifier of the history item (payment or receipt). Required
Request Example:

curl 'https://apirone.com/api/v2/wallets/btc-c70afacf0b7d7808e8be36bfd7ceed71/history/bd1e0268f5e482146a7f672d37f2936c93088e499adbd0f428561321f48f2b97'

Payments and receipts:

The Apirone service provides two types of such items - payments and receipts.
Payment is an element created as a result of transferring funds from a wallet. It combines all blockchain transactions of this payment and contains detailed information about fees and recipients.
Receipt - incoming transfer, which shows a new arrival to the wallet.

Success Response Reference:

{WalletID}, string Wallet Identificator. Required
{created}, string Wallet creation date. Contains the full date, hours, minutes, seconds, decimal part of seconds: yyyy-mm-ddTh:mm:ss.s Required
{type}, string Transfer type: payment or receipt. Required
{id}, string Item identifier. Required
{items}, array of objects Transaction data from the blockchain . Used in payments
{amount}, number Transfer amount. Required
{txs}, array of objects txid of transactions from the blockchain. Used in receipts
{destinations}, array of objects Recipient list:
address - recipient's address
amount - payment amount.
Used in receipts
{total}, number Total amount of transfer. Includes the amount of all fees and the amount of transfer. Used in receipts
{fee}, object Information about fees. Used in receipts

The use of the timestamp is described. It is standard and can be imported into most programming languages if needed.

{items} of the payments contains the following data

txid of the transaction in the blockchain. Required
The sender's cryptocurrency address. Required
Transfer amount. Required
Contains data about the block:
hash - hash of the block
height - height of the block. If the height of the block is 1, then the transaction is in the mempool and has never been confirmed;
deleted - status odtransaction is deleted. Usually it is false, but, for example, in the case of double-wasted output it may be true. Such an exit will not be taken into account in the general balance.
Indicates whether a sufficient number of confirmations of the transaction in the blockchain has passed. If true, then the number of confirmations >= minimal-confirmations for a particular cryptocurrency (learn more). Required

{fee} of the payment contains the following data

Network fee data
amount - amount of fee
rate - the rate by which the cryptocurrency network's fee was calculated. Different units are used for each network, for example, in Bitcoin network it is measured in satoshi/bytes;
strategy - strategy for choosing the commission (learn more).
Contains information about the processing fee, if it was taken from the payment.
address - processing address;
amount - amount of fee.
Indicates whether the fee was charged proportionally from the final transfer amounts. If true, then the fee was distributed to all recipients, and if false, then it was not distributed. Required
Success example with payment type ”Receipt”:
      "wallet": "btc-c70afacf0b7d7808e8be36bfd7ceed71",
      "created": "2021-02-03T18:17:50.450469",
      "type": "receipt",
      "id": "bd1e0268f5e482146a7f672d37f2936c93088e499adbd0f428561321f48f2b97",
      "items": [
        "txid": "bd1e0268f5e482146a7f672d37f2936c93088e499adbd0f428561321f48f2b97",
        "address": "3QSx5y7g5DZojZbGTsNSNJ5kPBTF56h6Kz",
        "amount": 100000,
          "hash": "00000000000000c081c282d2dfcc84e6e0ca0df03b30fe8641c9b3544fc0a0ba",
          "height": 1932798,
          "deleted": false
        "is_confirmed": true
      } ],
      "amount": 100000
Success example with payment type ”Payment”:
      "wallet": "btc-c70afacf0b7d7808e8be36bfd7ceed71",
      "created": "2021-01-12T18:15:10.204587",
      "type": "payment",
      "id": "9a5a81bcaeec9dd361bfbbdeb768d35027392301fb61b876f638f08ad58a647f",
      "txs": [
      "destinations": [ {
        "address": "3QSx5y7g5DZojZbGTsNSNJ5kPBTF56h6Kz",
        "amount": 10000
        "address": "35Gnk75DbehHXkshBX1QzpKdq4AJDW6KKv",
        "amount": 115182
      } ],
      "amount": 125347,
      "total": 125347,
      "fee": {
        "network": {
          "amount": 165,
          "rate": 1,
          "strategy": "normal"
        "processing": {
          "address": "3QSx5y7g5DZojZbGTsNSNJ5kPBTF56h6Kz",
          "amount": 10000
        "subtract-from-amount": true

Error Response: