The query solves the problem of estimation of the transaction to be sent before sending itself. Using it you can find out the amount of network and processing fees and check the destinations of your transfer in advance

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{WalletID}, string Wallet Identificator. Required
{destinations}, array The dictionary of destination addresses and amounts. Required
{fee}, string Network fee strategy. Can take the value "normal", "priority" (Network Fee) or "custom". With custom fee strategy you can specify an network fee using the additional field {fee-rate}. Optional
{subtract-fee-from-amount}, boolean If it takes "true", then the fee will be proportionally subtracts from the each destination's amount. Optional
Request Example:

curl ''

Success Response Reference:

{destinations}, array of objects Recipient list:
address - recipient's address
amount - payment amount.
{amount}, number Transfer amount. Required
{total}, number Total amount of transfer. Includes the amount of all fees and the amount of transfer. Required
{fee}, object Information about fees. Required
{subtract-from-amount}, boolean Indicates whether the fee was charged proportionally from the final transfer amounts. If true, then the fee was distributed to all recipients, and if false, then it was not distributed. Required
{network}, number Network fee data
amount - amount of fee
rate - the rate by which the cryptocurrency network's fee was calculated. Different units are used for each network, for example, in Bitcoin network it is measured in satoshi/bytes;
strategy - strategy for choosing the commission (learn more).
Response example:
      "destinations": [ {
        "address": "35Gnk75DbehHXkshBX1QzpKdq4AJDW6KKv",
        "amount": 10000
        "address": "3QSx5y7g5DZojZbGTsNSNJ5kPBTF56h6Kz",
        "amount": 10107111
      } ],
      "amount": 10117276,
      "total": 10117276,
      "fee": {
        "subtract-from-amount": true,
        "processing": {
          "address": "35Gnk75DbehHXkshBX1QzpKdq4AJDW6KKv",
          "amount": 10000
        "network": {
          "strategy": "normal",
          "amount": 165,
          "rate": 1.0

Error Response: