Generate Address

This function generates an unique crypto address to which the customer may send payments. This address works without an expiry date or transaction limit.

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You can generate addresses for one-time payments or for periodic payments as a linked address to a user account. For example, if a customer re-uses it to buy the same product again or to top up the account balance with bitcoins.


JSON Schema description

Use POST string request containing the object in JSON format.

{WalletID} Wallet Identificator Required
{addr-type} Bitcoin address type.
"p2pkh" - It’s the most common script used for locking an output to someone’s public key.
"p2wpkh" - Segwit address has prefix bc1.
"p2sh-p2wpkh" - Segwit comparable address has prefix 3.
Apirone generates "p2sh-p2wpkh" addresses by default.
Callback URL

Callback is an array of callback URL and user's Data parameters.

=< 1024 chars

Callback URL
Your server's callback URL to receive data about the payment. This must be a valid URL.


The associative array is based on key-value pairs. You can use as additional identification or secure a generated bitcoin address.

For example 'secret' = '7j0ap91o99cxj8k9' or 'invoice_id'='1234'


Request example:
    "addr-type": "p2sh-p2wpkh",
    "callback":{                    #Callback and Callback's Data are Optional fields
         "invoice_id": 1234,
         "secret": "7j0ap91o99cxj8k9",
         "data3": "text3",
		 ... #any user parameters

Success Response Reference:

Success response returns next parameters in JSON format:
{address} The generated bitcoin address to receive a payment from a customer. string, 32 chars
{callback} Your server callback URL to receive data about the payment. string, max. 1024 chars
{type} Type of address. string
Response example:
   "wallet": "btc-1aee83487b65b690305201fb4b42a081",
   "address": "1FEGJSLDJJ6oSuJwur3fCD7TtQbYUjBV4z",
   "created": "2020-12-20T12:20:20.193984",
   "type": "p2sh-p2wpkh",
      "method": "POST",

Error Response

Playground and Code examples:

Wallet ID
Callback URL KeyValue


      "url" :  ""
  $json_data = array (
    "callback" => array(
        'url'=> '',
		'data'=> array (
            'invoice_id'=> "1234",
            'secret'=> "7j0ap91o99cxj8k9"
  $wallet = "btc-1aee83487b65b690305201fb4b42a081";
  $api_base = "". $wallet ."/addresses";
  $curl = curl_init($api_base);
  curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array("Content-Type: application/json"));
  curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
  curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, json_encode($json_data));
  curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
  $http_status_code = curl_getinfo($curl, CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE);
  $response = curl_exec($curl);

  $decoded = json_decode($response, true);
  echo "Please send the payment to the following bitcoin address: " .
Send request
Response from server: